Fact: In Florida every year, termites cause more
than 700 million dollars in property damage & repair.
“Its not a question of whether there are termites in an area,
but how close they are to your home”
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Florida Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner, Charles H Bronson.
Collier County                               Lee County
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General Household Pest Control:
No contract necessary for Inside Pest Control, most crawling insects controlled Inside &
Outside, by our licensed & experienced staff. Most Inside Pest Control Estimates given by
Florida Pest Management Association Inc

We treat Lawns & Shrubs
using federally approved
Insecticide's & Fungicide

Harp's uses slow release
Granular Fertilizers specially
Formulated for our area.

Treatments tailored for your needs.
Ants of All Types, Roaches & Silver Fish,
Rodent Control & Bee Extraction

Professional Pest Control,
The Sign of Good House Keeping.
In the home, apartment,
condo, office or store.
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or the Ft. Myers
# 936-6655.
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